Pokey Little Puppies:5 Tips to Motivate Slow Poke Children

Someone the other day asked about how to get one of her slowpoke children moving in the morning. The days were starting with yelling and frustration, which set an unpleasant tone for the whole day.

While I’m no expert, I do have a pokey 7 year old who describes herself as “not made for rushing.” Here are some of the things that help keep her going:

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Top Preschool App Picks by a 4-Year-Old

One of the things that motivates my 4-year old son the most is earning iPad time. I admit that if he wakes up at 6:00 a.m., I just give him the iPad so that I can get some more sleep, but usually, he has to earn it. He has to […] Read more »

Kid Activities: Independent Play

One of my favorite sounds is my son in his room playing by himself. I love hearing his imagination and him completely entrenched in a make believe world. This morning, he saw me peeking in while I was getting ready in the bathroom, and he said hello, then shut the […] Read more »

Kid Activities: Glow Sticks

Santa brought the kids glow sticks in their stockings. There is nothing more fun than a glow stick. And the best part is they come in abundance at the Dollar Store. Here are 3 of their favorite things to do with glow sticks: 1. Glow Stick Bath- Turn off all […] Read more »

Teaching the Value of the Dollar

We were in Target last week, and Micah spotted a toy he desperately wanted- a Hot Wheels bath toy. I saw it in his eyes- he was captivated at the thought of hours spent in the tub with his race cars. Since he is 4 years old, he is definitely […] Read more »

Make Someone’s Day

I received this text from my husband this morning. Totally made my day.     Whose day can you make today? Send a text, a written letter, call someone up, make a special meal for your kids, bake a special cake for your other half just because, or take a […] Read more »

What Kind Of Listener Are You?

A friend sent me this short video. It’s an excellent clip on being a good and empathetic listener. I’m sure we’ve all experienced lots of the opposite (especially the “at least” listeners), but as moms, couldn’t we all use some empathy? Someone to listen and just be with us amidst […] Read more »

Stuck Inside Activities: Warning Label Hunt

imageOver the past few weeks, Micah (4) has been noticing all the warning labels anywhere we go. He asks me to read them and tell him what they mean. Confession: I don’t really read warning labels. A lot of things are self-explanatory, and warning labels have become so commonplace that it’s easy to miss. One day when he was sick but bored of Netflix, I took him on a hunt for the warning labels around the house. We found a few gems like a man on fire and child being crushed by a garage door. As morbid as it was, I was able to teach him about safety at the same time, how to call 911, and what our address is. photo I don’t think this would have been a good activity for my older daughter at his age because she is rather sensitive and wouldn’t sleep for a week thinking about all the possibilities, but Micah’s the type of kid that can handle it. He actually enjoyed and it, and when we have visitors over, he likes to point them out and warn them not to close the garage door on his head. Hey, whatever works, right? Read more »