Momspiration: It Matters

image1My kids scored this Christmas. They received some really fun toys. The past week has been busy with playing new board games like Trouble, Pop the Pig, and Beat the Parents, trying out new video games (Toy Story, Sonic, and Just Dance 2014), and setting up a Barbie Dream House.
After a few days of non-stop play, I sat my kids down to write thank you notes. I remember doing it as a kid, and although it was a pain to do when you’re 8, it showed me that being grateful and acknowledging someone’s gift to you is important. It helps create a whole attitude in us to recognize the blessings, to come out of ourselves, and recognize another’s thoughtfulness, sacrifice and love in the gift that they chose.

imageI remember thinking as a kid “Why do I have to write a note? I told them thank you when I opened the gift and before they left. A note isn’t going to matter.” But it does matter. Because it’s a step.A step down the road of a life of gratitude. And gratitude leads to joy. Don’t we want our children to have lives full of joy? Don’t we want them to wake up every morning and see blessings instead of being blinded by inconveniences and experience wonders rather than only focusing on frustrations? That starts with being thankful for what we have today, with thinking about someone other than ourselves, with expressing gratitude because someone thought about us, loved us, sacrificed for us, and gave of themselves to make us happy.

Thankfulness matters.

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